There is no doubt that we all work hard to protect the interests of our friends and loved ones. In some situations people who require protection by a conservatorship may include aging parents, sick friends, or a child who is rapidly approaching adulthood but who is mentally or physically incapacitated and unable to care for him or herself. In many of these sorts of situations it may be necessary for us to take additional steps to make sure that our friends and loved ones have the safety and stability that they require. These steps can be as simple as checking in daily on an aging relative or helping to provide transportation for a sick friend to get to the doctor on a regular basis. However when these friends and loved ones are no longer able to take care of themselves without assistance it may be necessary for us to talk about the necessity of seeking a conservatorship.

We can provide you with knowledgeable and experienced guidance in conservatorship law.  In a conservatorship case, a probate judge appoints a person to take charge of the affairs, safety, and welfare of an incapacitated person. In these cases the person in charge of providing for the care of the incapacitated person is called the conservator. The person who requires care is called the conservatee. A California Probate Court is able to appoint a conservator over the person or a conservator over the estate of the conservatee or both. A conservator of the person is in charge of the physical well-being of the conservatee. By contrast, a conservator over the estate is in charge of making sure that the financial affairs of the conservatee are properly attended to. In some cases the same person may be appointed to be both the conservator of the estate and conservator of the person. In other cases only a conservator of the estate maybe needed. Judges typically seek to narrowly tailored conservatorships to make sure that the conservatee maintains as much freedom as possible.  We have helped many clients navigate this system and understand their rights and responsibilities with the conservatorship framework.

As is any court case or probate proceeding, conservatorships can be complicated and nuanced.  Our lawyers have extensive experience in the area of conservatorships both defending and prosecuting. We understand that the decision to seek conservatorship over an aging parent or sick friend can be emotionally stressful and bring a degree of complication to family Dynamics. We have helped many clients navigate these issues as well as the other issues that could arise in any conservatorship proceeding.

Call us today so we can talk to you about your conservatorship issues and estate management matters for the disabled and elderly.  We have helped many clients understand the implications of conservatorship, both as a conservator and as a potential conservatee.  Contact us today to schedule a conservatorship consultation to let us help you at 818.340.4479.


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