Conservatorship Petition

Conservatorship Petition

Understanding Los Angeles a conservatorship petition requires experience and knowledge in this complicated area of law.   When considering petitioning for a Conservatorship, you need to know that is not an area of law that you went to dive into without a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side. There are many considerations we should review together before deciding when and where to file your petition for conservatorship.

We commonly help our clients with the following conservatorship actions:

  1.  File for Appointment of a Conservator of person and estate in Los Angeles.
  2.  Assist with Conservatorship inventories.
  3.  Prepare Conservatorship Accountings.
  4.  Assist with competing conservatorship petitions.
  5.  Handle substituted judgment petition actions in conservatorship in Los Angeles.
  6.  Help people who want to terminate conservatorships, or remove conservators.
  7.  Participate in conservatorship mediations and trials.

First, we can talk with you about what conservatorship actually entails and when it is appropriate to file for conservatorship.  Not every situation in which an adult requires assistance also requires an order for conservatorship.  We can provide you with expert advice and guidance as to whether conservatorship properly addresses the issues in your case, or whether another avenue would be more appropriate to achieve your goals.

Next, do you have a full understanding of what duties will be required of you if you are appointed conservator? A conservator over a person has many daily responsibilities and could require full-time physical care. These responsibilities certainly include making sure that the person’s physical well-being is looked after and the person has food, shelter, and timely and appropriate medical care. Especially where the person has a high degree of physical or emotional requirements being appointed the conservator of a person can be a full-time job.  We can talk with you about the potential conservatee’s individualized needs and whether you have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities entailed in being named the conservatee over a person.

Being a conservator of an estate can be just as taxing. Are you prepared to take over the financial affairs and be totally responsible for this person’s financial well-being? This could mean providing detailed accounts to court, paying bills, making wise investment decisions, or entering into contracts. Talking with us about your case and your situation means we can help you decide if a conservatorship is appropriate for you and your loved one and also what type of conservatorship petition to file.

We can also help talk with you about the individual facts in your case to make sure that the timing is right to file your case. We understand the type of proof that judges require before approving a request for conservatorship. In addition like any other legal proceeding conservatorship petitions have very strict statutory requirements both in where they are filed and what’s contained in the papers.  Our skilled legal team also has a firm understanding of the jurisdictional and notice requirements, both of which are an essential element of any lawsuit, including conservatorship petitions.

We are skilled and knowledgeable with the requirements of any conservatorship petition.  Call us today to set up your consultation so we can discuss your case with you and what strategies we have for your conservatorship petition and case.