Trust Administration

Trust Administration

We have extensive experience and knowledge with the vast variety of types of trusts that exist in California. Each trust has its own particular set of requirements and rules as laid out by trust documents at the time the trust was created. While it is possible for a settlor to name anyone as the trustee for the trust we have helped many clients by providing services as trust administrators. Trust Administration means that our team of experienced attorneys will make sure that the requirements and conditions of your trust documents are properly fulfilled. We pride ourselves in always acting with the highest degree of fiduciary care and making sure that our clients’ assets are always properly attended to and administered in accordance with the settlor’s wishes. While it is entirely possible to name a lay person such as your friend or family member as the trustee in charge of administering the trust you create it is often advisable to use the services of our highly experienced and skilled team of professional trust administrators. We are familiar with a potential issues arising with all different types of trusts. We have experience in handling these issues and making sure your trust is administered with the utmost degree of respect and care. We can talk with you about your plans and how we can help to make sure that your trust is administered exactly in line with your vision and your goals. With our experienced team we can help you to understand the potential rights and responsibilities or even road blocks that could be presented if you fail to use professional trust administrators.

We have helped many clients in cases where the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s caretaker may be hostile to the trust and its provisions. With our experienced trust administration services we can help you identify potential problems and make sure that your trust is administered according to your exacting specifications regardless of the adversity from other parties.

We are also sensitive to the fact that trust administration can be complicated and nuanced. We take pride in helping families move forward with their lives while we handle the complications of trust administration.

Trust administration requires the experienced knowledge of an expert legal team.  Call us today so we can talk with you about how our services can help you and your family.


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