Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation

We know our clients carefully plan and select a particular type of trust to make sure their intentions and wishes are executed to the letter. Unfortunately there can be disagreements about the provisions of the trust including when distribution should be made, whether the transfer was valid in the first place, or who is the rightful beneficiary. We have extensive experience with probate and trust litigation. Trust litigation arises in many different ways and we have represented many different types of clients with all types of issues. Trustees may find that they need our services where the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s caretaker is unhappy with the manner of the distributions made by the trustee.  Conversely, we have also assisted beneficiaries with cases involving mismanagement of the trust by trustees including those situations where a trustee refuses to make distributions, refuses to make the proper accounting, or otherwise is failing in his or her fiduciary duty.

We have extensive experience in helping our clients examine the precise terms of the trust.  Sitting down with one of our expert attorneys and reviewing the trust documents is an important first step to knowing what is potentially in store during trust litigation.  The trust documents may spell out the degree of care that the trustee is required to use or at what point he or she may be held liable for mismanagement of the corpus of the trust.  It is also possible that the trust provides discretion to the trustee as to when and how distributions are made.  The trust documents could be vague as to what conditions the beneficiary must fulfill before he or she is entitled to distributions.  In short, there can be many ways that the trust documents may be deficient in such a way as to cause a dispute between the trustee and the beneficiary.  Although we do our best to mitigate the risk for litigation, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you with your case at all stages of the litigation process.  When going into a court room, it is essential that you have a qualified, practiced, and skillful legal team on your side to help you.  We can provide you with the representation you need for your trust litigation matter to give you the best chance to be successful in your trust litigation.

If you are a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust, we look forward to talking to you about the issues in your case.  We have helped many clients review their individual situations.  Our clients benefit from our years of trust litigation experience.  Contact us today so that you can also get the best assistance you can for your trust matter.


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