Elder Law

Elder Law

As our population ages, we know it is important to make sure our legal knowledge and understanding similarly grows and changes.  The Sirkin Law Group, P.C. is skilled and adept at all types of issues relating to elder law.  Elder law can include a variety of different services and areas, and we can provide assistance and guidance with each of them.

We can provide you with guidance on asset protection and estate planning.  Many people will require long-term nursing home care at some point.  However, Medicare does not provide coverage for these long-term services.  Medicaid and Medi-Cal may provide the benefits and coverage that you need in order to obtain the medical and daily care that you require.  However, these federal and state programs have income limits and asset caps for you to be eligible.  We are practiced and skilled in providing our clients with the advice and guidance they need in order to make sure that they are properly eligible for these necessary services.  Moreover, because of the asset and income limits for eligibility, we can provide you with legal advice and asset protection strategies to make sure that you are not spending all of your hard-earned assets on what can be a sizeable monthly bill for nursing home care.  Instead, we can talk with you about your assets, your family, and your goals and come up with a thoughtful and detailed estate plan to make sure that your assets are insulated from seizure from the government.

Elder law also involves dealing with the unfortunate reality that our aging population is vulnerable.  Unscrupulous individuals or caretakers sometimes take advantage of the elder population.   We have experience with helping our clients and their families with these cases.  We have helped clients with cases involving both physical and financial abuse of an elderly friend or family member.  These cases can involve misuse of a power of attorney, exerting undue influence to get a will or trust changed, or breach of fiduciary duty where conservatorship has been awarded to the abuser, just to name a few situations when our services may be needed.  We have helped clients with all types of cases involving elder law and elder abuse and we can help you with making sure you or your loved one is properly protected.

We can also talk to you about your estate plan, including wills and trusts, living wills, or asset protection planning.  It is important for you to plan for the future as soon as possible.  A well-thought-out and expertly drafted estate plan can save you and your loved ones a lot of difficulty and stress at a later time when you are no longer able to properly express your wishes for your assets or medical decisions.

Call us for any of your elder law needs.  We can talk to you about your unique situation and provide you with attentive and individual advice to make sure that your goals are met.