Conservatorship Litigation

Conservatorship Litigation

After you have successfully navigated the complicated requirements of a conservatorship petition and the procedural requirements that entails this does not mean that your need for experience representation is over. Although many conservatorship cases are successfully concluded with a short hearing in front of a judge to approve the conservatorship. There are some cases that end in complex and protracted litigation.  We have extensive experience in helping our clients with all stages of conservatorship matters, including those that require litigation.

Especially where an agent aging parent has multiple children these children may all have different ideas on the best way to manage the parents’ affairs as they live out their twilight years.  When these different ideas cannot be reconciled, you may find yourself involved in conservatorship litigation.  We have helped many clients with conservatorship litigation to help achieve their goals and make sure that their parents and their interests are protected. We are very well-acquainted with the unfortunate reality that not every person who seeks conservatorship does so out of altruistic considerations. Unhappily, some people may seek to be named conservator for their own financial gain. We at the Sirkin Law Group, P.C. have experience with these sorts of cases as well, and know what it takes to prove to a judge that our client’s proposal for conservatorship is the one that will best be designed to protect the conservatee and his her estate and best interest.

We have also helped our clients with a very different type of conservatorship litigation: When the conservatee does not believe that he or she needs to be a protected person and fights back against the proposal for conservatorship. We have experience in representing both sides of these types of cases. We have represented and assisted clients who are seeking to protect and assist a relative or loved one who does not fully appreciate or acknowledge the severity of his or her capacity. We are sensitive to the fact that these cases can be emotionally stressful for our clients because those that they are seeking to protect are friends or loved ones. We know that there are solutions and strategies to help with these types of cases to achieve our clients’ goals. We also have experience in representing the proposed conservatee. In some cases, well-meaning adult children may seek to take control over their parents’ affairs even though a parent is still completely capable of caring for him or herself. We are familiar with the types of proof, evidence, and witnesses that are effective in defending against a request for conservatorship, both over the person and over the estate. We can work with you to talk about your particular situation and what we need to do to make sure that you maintain your Independence.

If you have questions about the conservatorship litigation process, let us answer them for you.  Call us today to talk about your case and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.


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