Mediation or Litigation in Probate

Probate Mediation & Litigation

The optimal type of probate case for our clients is one in which the wishes of the testator are clearly described in an enforceable last will and testament. Optimal cases also include a distinct lack people trying to contest the provisions of the will or the distribution of the assets. However not all cases run so smoothly. Our attorneys have expertise in helping our clients to navigate a contested probate case.


The vast majority of court cases today settle before they ever reach a final hearing. We know and appreciate that reaching a settlement is typically beneficial for our clients because it allows them to maintain some control over their own case. Mediation is a tool we use to help our clients achieve settlements in their probate cases. In mediation, a neutral third-party helps to facilitate an agreement between the parties. We have broad experience with the mediation process and helping our clients get the most out of it. Our expertise in the probate field means that we can help our clients maximize the usefulness of mediation to achieve a settlement. During mediation we help our clients quickly and cost-effectively bring their probate matter to a conclusion. Our experience with probate matters both in mediation and litigation provides us with the unique perspective necessary to help our clients tailor-make a settlement for their unique case and issues. We have experience in crafting creative, enforceable, and practical solutions to help our clients complete their case. In addition to serving our clients by representing them during mediation, we also have experience in acting as the mediator.  With years of experience as acting as the mediator for probate matters, our attorneys can assist you in all stages of your conflict resolution.

Probate litigation

Even though we attempt to help our clients bring their cases to a swift conclusion through mediation or settlement, this is not always possible. Once settlement fails this means that you need an experienced team of litigators on your side. Our firm has taken many contested probate cases to court and successfully litigated them and to achieve our clients’ goals. Successful litigation requires not only knowledge of the law but experience in a courtroom. Our legal team has both. We can put our expertise and experience to work for you in the courtroom.  While we never stop trying to help our clients reach a sensible settlement for their case, we do not shy away from litigation. We recognize and appreciate that some cases require this approach. We look forward to talking with you about your case and what litigation strategies we have to help you.

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